The Best Southern Baked Mac and Cheese (Soul Food Recipe + Video!)

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This southern mac and cheese recipe will be the best you'll ever make in your life. It has been passed down for generations in my family, the ultimate comfort food bursting with 5 types of cheese, heavy cream for extra creaminess,. Once you make the best southern mac and cheese from scratch, you'll never go back to the boxed stuff. 

Are you as obsessed with a good mac n cheese as I am? Try my old fashioned baked macaroni and cheese recipe, made with a stovetop cheese sauce and toasted panko breadcrumb topping for extra crunch! An amazing Panera Bread White Cheddar Mac copycat; or this pulled pork mac and cheese that is perfect for your next cookout.

a spoonful of soul food southern baked mac and cheese being lifted from the pan with a big cheese pull

Learn the Secrets to a True Soul Food Classic: Southern Baked Mac and Cheese!

This recipe holds deep roots—it's not just Southern-style mac and cheese, it's soul food mac, passed down through generations in my family. Inspired by Thomas Jefferson's chef, James Hemings, it's my take on my mama's recipe, echoing through my grandmama and beyond.

This is the quintessential black folk mac and cheese—the one with memes about only certain family members (usually a Auntie or Grandma with 'the big upper arms') being entrusted to make it. It's hailed as the best mac and cheese ever.

In the Black community, macaroni and cheese is a cherished dish, fit for any special occasion beyond just holidays. Crafted with a mix of cheeses, it's taken seriously, both in flavor and tradition. A bubbling pan of this delicacy holds a special place in the hearts of us all nationwide.

Homemade mac and cheese is revered as the pinnacle of Black culinary excellence, the preferred side dish for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and gatherings with loved ones. Only those deemed worthy bear the responsibility, as compromising these occasions with subpar, tasteless mac and cheese is a non-negotiable.

My creamy baked mac and cheese, dubbed the best by many, has become a tradition for families. Thousands have made it their go-to for Thanksgiving and Christmas, pleasing even the pickiest kids. I'm truly honored.

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Why this is the best Southern Baked Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

  • It's a dump and bake, super easy recipe. No roux, no bechamel, no fancy stuff, no stovetop cheese sauce, no add-ins. Not even bacon this time. If you've never made mac and cheese, start with this recipe. It's foolproof. Follow the recipe and reap the rewards!
  • It uses real ingredients.  No pre-mixed seasoning salt, no boxed mac and cheese. We can argue about American cheese tomorrow.
  • It's the ultimate creamy soul food macaroni and cheese. I, too, have been accosted by that weird baked mac and cheese that is clumpy, goopy, dry, and stiff. This is not her. We don't know her here. My mac is luxuriously creamy, made with five different types of cheeses, heavy cream, and plenty of flavor. If you're a true fan of mac and cheese, this recipe is for you.
a bowl of creamy mac and cheese being poured into a buttered baking dish to bake

What Readers Say about My Southern Mac and Cheese

Made this tonight, probably the best mac and cheese I've ever had. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for an enjoyable, educational blog post! 💞

From your kids saying it's 'bussin!' to your families entrusting you to bring it to all family gatherings, I feel so blessed to say that this authentic southern macaroni and cheese recipe that I have loved since I was a little girl is now a family favorite worldwide!

And there's a huge reason why: this mac and cheese is easy to make, it's incredibly rich and creamy (there's no weird scrambled egg-looking, broken, greasy cheese nonsense going on here!), and the recipe is from a real southern belle, I've been eating my mama's southern-style mac and cheese since the womb!

Ingredients to Make the Best Macaroni and Cheese

Full ingredients, measurements, and printable instructions are in the recipe card at the bottom of this post.

Each ingredient in my homemade macaroni and cheese has a purpose. Different kinds of cheese give different textures and I feel mine is the best cheese combination to not only have a seriously creamy mac, but also the beautiful crust of browned bubbly cheese that is a total crowd pleaser.

ingredient list for southern baked soul food mac and cheese: chicken broth, elbow pasta, cream cheese, sharp cheddar, american cheese, colby jack, and mozzarella cheese, cream and half and half, eggs, spices, and salt and pepper
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese or Extra-Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Mild cheddar just doesn't have the flavor we're looking for in a cheese sauce, so use that sharp cheddar!
  • Colby Jack. Monterey jack also works; we want a really melty, ooey-gooey cheese and colby/monterey jack is the one for this recipe. It's got great flavor, supporting the cheddar cheese without adding too much 'cheddar' flavor.
  • Part-Skim Mozzarella cheese. Love that great cheese pull that only comes from mozzarella!
  • American cheese. Don't fight me on the American cheese, honey. American cheese is made of natural cheeses that are melted together with emulsifiers, which is what keeps it rich, luscious, and creamy when you melt it down on burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches. These emulsifiers help keep your harder cheeses (like that sharp cheddar) from separating in the heat of your oven while baking the mac.
  • Cream Cheese. And cream cheese...'cause my mama uses it. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. It adds more moisture and extra creaminess to the mac and there are all kinds of flavors you can use. My mom uses sour cream and chive flavor, it's SO good. You can also use sour cream or mascarpone cheese, which is like a lighter Italian cream cheese.
  • Garlic Powder. A must, a must, a must. We want good flavor, add in the garlic powder.
  • Onion powder. Same as the garlic. It adds good flavor!
  • Mustard powder. It brings out that 'cheese' flavor, it intensifies that tangy cheddar flavor.
  • Smoked paprika. Look, if you're looking to add that little oomph, that special little something to your mac, this ingredient is it. It's not spicy like cayenne pepper, but has a delicious smokiness that is so good and adds depth!
  • Unsalted butter. To grease down your baking dish! The heavy cream acts as the 'butter' in the dish without making it really greasy so it isn't needed within the macaroni and cheese.
  • Chicken broth - Y'all have raved about this secret of mine: boiling the pasta in chicken broth! Yes, y'all, it really does make such a big difference in the flavor. I use Better than Bouillon, it's much easier to have than many boxes or cans of broth.
  • Eggs. Look, I know it's a controversial ingredient. But once again, I've got a reason for the eggs! The egg whites keep structure so you don't end up with a soupy, stringy, cheesy mess on the inside, while the fats (it's all about the fats y'all!) from the egg yolks control those cheeses and keep them from getting grainy and gritty and oily. I will say that it can be optional, but for the most authentic experience you'll want to use them.
  • Elbow Pasta. Sure, you can use just about any short-cut pasta shape, but elbow macaroni are just the classic shape that everyone loves. It holds the cheese sauce so well and is a familiar shape that kids love.
  • Heavy Cream. The fats, y'all. You don't want the cheese to separate from the heat of the oven, so fats are very important. Heavy cream takes the place of where most people use butter in their mac, so we get the fats without the grease pooling on top of the whole thing at the end. 
  • Half and Half. I know a lot of people use evaporated milk, which is whole milk that is reduced until it's thicker. I like half and half, but if you cannot find it use the same amount of evaporated milk.

How to Make Southern Mac and Cheese

a hand rubbing a stick of butter all over a 9 by 13 inch baking dish to prep for baked mac and cheese

Step 1 | First thing, cook macaroni pasta in a large pot of the chicken broth until just under al dente so it finishes cooking in the oven. Then rub down an 8 by 11 or 9 by 13-inch baking dish with the butter. Give it a good, generous layer of butter.

someone shaking seasoning over the shredded cheese in a mixing bowl

Step 2 | Shred your cheeses and then add your spices to the cheeses: A little mustard powder boosts the cheddar cheese flavor, salt and black pepper are a must, garlic and onion powder, and smoked paprika for that little extra somethin'.

someone pouring heavy cream into a bowl full of shredded cheese

Step 3 | In a large bowl, mix in all of the different cheeses, the half-and-half and heavy cream. Mix in the cooked macaroni pasta into the shredded cheese, then give it a taste for seasoning. Add a little salt if needed, or black pepper or garlic, whatever you want to boost up in flavor. Step 2 and 3 are interchangeable, we just want to make sure to always taste for seasoning before moving on to adding the eggs!

the hands of a black woman cracking eggs into the mix of southern baked mac and cheese

Step 4 | Then stir the eggs into the macaroni mixture. Get it nice and well-mixed before adding it to the buttered baking dish and spreading it evenly in there.

southern style baked mac and cheese, covered in shredded cheese and ready to go into the oven

Step 5 | Cover our mac in the remaining cheese on top, sprinkle with some smoked paprika, then bake for 35-40 minutes. No, there are no bread crumbs here, we have a cheese crust instead. If you want breadcrumbs, don't add the cheese on top and use your favorite breadcrumbs instead.

a baking dish with freshly baked southern macaroni and cheese on a wood tray with a wooden spoon on the side

Step 6 | Pull the mac and cheese from the oven, let rest for five minutes because a molten cheese burn is not fun, then serve while still gooey and delicious!

I honestly can tell you this is the best macaroni and cheese you will ever make in your life. Which is exactly why it's such a cultural staple. 

And no, I will not argue with you about it. I stand on my decision ten toes down!

Substitutions and Variations

I see y'all hating on the American cheese (or you just can't get it in your country) so here's how you can still guarantee a super creamy cheese sauce: you'll need some sodium citrate. What is it? Sodium citrate is a food-grade emulsifier that's in things like ice cream, jarred alfredo sauce, even sausages, and...American cheese. That emulsifier will ensure your cheese mixture will not break apart and thicken the cheese sauce, making it silky and creamy. Here's a great recipe for making a cheese sauce with sodium citrate.

You can use whatever cheeses you want really! Get into some gouda, monterey jack cheese, havarti...I suggest staying away from hard, very aged cheeses unless you're going to use that sodium citrate as mentioned above. They aren't good melting cheeses and will split easily.

Pasta shapes can vary, too. My faves are cavatappi, elbow, and rotini because they hold cheese sauce incredibly well.

a hand sprinkling freshly shredded cheese over a baking dish of unbaked macaroni and cheese

Pro Tips for the Best Homemade Mac n Cheese

  • Grated cheese makes all the difference! Grate your own with that big box grater that doesn't fit in the drawer!
  • If you're confused about the American cheese, I buy mine at the deli section at my supermarket. You can either get them sliced and just cut them up yourself, or have the deli clerk measure out the amount of American cheese you need from their block and have them shred or cube it for ease.
  • Keep plenty of cheese aside to put on the top of your mac, it's so important for that bubbly browned cheese crust! 

Make Ahead Instructions

Readers have put together this baked mac and cheese the day before, baking it the day of, with no problem. Go all the way up to Step 7 and bake the day of.

Storing and Reheating Instructions

Store the mac and cheese either plastic wrapped in its baking dish or in an airtight container for up to about 4 days. Reheat in the microwave or in the oven at 300 degrees F until it's fully warmed through and melty.

an overhead view of a baking dish of black folks southern macaroni and cheese from from the oven on a wood tray


Who Invented Southern Baked Mac n Cheese?

During the era of U.S. slavery, Thomas Jefferson brought his enslaved Black chef, James Hemings, to France. Under the guidance of renowned caterers and chefs, Hemings honed his skills, serving royalty exquisite feasts to rave reviews. Upon returning to the States, Hemings, who became the executive chef at Hôtel de Langeac, introduced the 'pie made of macaroni' at Jefferson's dinner parties, a hit among wealthy southerners. Jefferson even had a macaroni extruder smuggled into the country for Hemings' use.

Later in life, Hemings gained his freedom but, per Jefferson's condition, had to teach another chef the art of making the beloved macaroni pie. He taught his younger brother and fellow enslaved cooks before living freely. The recipe spread within the Black community post-Emancipation, becoming a celebratory staple in every African American home.

Why do people put breadcrumbs on mac and cheese casserole?

Mac and cheese is a comfort food that's very rich and soft, so breadcrumbs provide texture and even more flavors if they're toasted and have added herbs and spices.

If you want breadcrumbs (and honestly, I've made great mac topped with crispy panko!) do not add the cheese on top of the macaroni. Just add a buttery breadcrumb topping, like I have in this creamy baked mac and cheese recipe.

Can I use Velveeta?

Velveeta is a type of American cheese! Please use it if you can't find anything else (it's packed with emulsifiers so it works great in this recipe).

More Southern Recipes

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📖 Recipe

a spoonful of soul food southern baked mac and cheese being lifted from the pan with a big cheese pull

Authentic Southern Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Eden Westbrook
My southern baked macaroni and cheese recipe is a recipe passed on through multiple generations in my family. True authentic soul food mac and cheese!
4.60 from 3730 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Course Thanksgiving
Cuisine African American
Servings 16 servings
Calories 399 kcal


  • 16 oz elbow macaroni, uncooked
  • 6 cups chicken broth
  • 8 oz sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 8 oz colby jack cheese, shredded
  • 8 oz part-skim mozzarella cheese, shredded
  • 8 oz American cheese, cubed
  • 4 oz cream cheese, cubed and room temperature
  • 1 cup half and half
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • Kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper to taste
  • ½ teaspoon smoked paprika
  • 1-2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • ½ teaspoon mustard powder
  • 2 large eggs


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (180 degrees C). Butter an 8 by 11 or 9 by 13-inch baking dish and set aside.
  • Fill a large stockpot or dutch oven halfway with chicken broth (or water if you don't have broth), and bring to a boil. Add in elbow macaroni and cook until just under al dente, according to package directions. Do not fully cook or overcook the macaroni pasta, it'll finish cooking through completely in the oven. Once just under al dente, drain the pasta.
  • While the pasta boils, use a wooden spoon to mix the half and half, heavy cream, half of the cheddar cheese, half of the Colby jack cheese, all of the mozzarella cheese, all of the American cheese, and all of the cream cheese in a large mixing bowl.
  • Add smoked paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, mustard powder, and some kosher salt and pepper, stirring well and tasting the mixture to ensure there is a good flavor. Do not add too much salt, since cheese is pretty salty and will add its saltiness as it bakes. Once satisfied with the seasoning, stir in the cooked macaroni and eggs until well incorporated with the cheese.
  • Pour the macaroni mixture into the baking dish and spread evenly.
  • Top the macaroni and cheese generously with the rest of the cheddar cheese and colby jack cheese. Sprinkle the top with a little more smoked paprika, if desired.
  • Bake the mac and cheese for 35 minutes or until the cheese crust is bubbly and nicely browned. Do not over-bake or the macaroni pasta will become mushy and the cheese mixture will become dry.
  • Let the baked macaroni and cheese cool for about 10 minutes or until just cool enough to serve. Serve hot so the cheese is nice and creamy.
  • Keep in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 4 days.


Notes for the Best Mac and Cheese

For extra creaminess, use 8 ounces of cream cheese.
Don't have half and half? You can use evaporated milk (not condensed milk!) instead.
You can use whatever cheese you like, (monterey jack, whole milk mozzarella, mild cheddar, extra-sharp cheddar cheese) as long as they aren't hard cheeses like aged gruyere or 1,000 day aged gouda. They tend to separate and not melt easily when baked.
But the less aged versions like red wax gouda and smoked gruyere, are good to go into the mac. Softer cheeses like burrata, brie, camembert, and chevre (goat cheese) are also welcome to the party to replace the cream cheese.

Doubling the Recipe

This recipe doubles just fine, only add one more egg and use a (much) larger baking dish, you'll probably need the disposable aluminum ones because it's a LOT of macaroni and cheese. Bake it for an extra 10 minutes as well to ensure the custard gets cooked and that cheese crust gets nice.

Make Ahead Instructions

Readers have put together this baked mac and cheese the day before, baking it the day of, with no problem. Go all the way up to Step 7 and bake the day of.

Storing and Reheating Your Southern Baked Mac and Cheese

Put the mac in airtight containers or keep in the baking dish wrapped in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Reheat a serving in a microwave-safe bowl with a splash of milk to mix in and keep the mac and cheese.


Serving: 1gCalories: 399kcalCarbohydrates: 40gProtein: 32gFat: 12gSaturated Fat: 6gPolyunsaturated Fat: 4gCholesterol: 63mgSodium: 651mgFiber: 3gSugar: 2g
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  1. Francine Perretta says:

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      Hi Francine!

      Thank you for making my mac and thanks for the awesome feedback! I agree, the eggs really bring out an even richer texture in this. Hope you stick around for more! xo, Eden

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      Hi Emily,

      This warms my heart so, so much! I'm so glad your family enjoys my mac and cheese as much as we do in my home. Also, that brie idea sounds delicious, I've got to give that a try. xo, Eden

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    The only alterations I made were adding a couple of extra shakes of smoked paprika and mustard powder to the cheese mixture, and it was FANTASTIC!!! I did space out when I was cooking today, and added a whole block of cream cheese instead of half, so hopefully it turns out just as good!

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    Hey there, I may live in the suburbs these days, but I grew up in rural South Carolina. I learned how to plant, fish, hunt, pickle, preserve, and cook it. I had been wanting macaroni and cheese like my grandmother made every Sunday for dinner. I went to the cook book of her recipes she gave me when I got married and it was gone. I have looked high and low to find anything even close to hers. That is until I found this one. There were a few little differences, but I decided my grandma couldn’t whip my butt from heaven, so I followed this recipe exactly. It turned out fabulous, this one will go in grandma’s recipe book. Thank you, for sharing it with us!

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      Hi Rachel,

      I am so happy to hear you loved the dish. I'm sure your grandma would be happy that you found a recipe that reminds you of her! Thank you so much for stopping by! xo, Eden

  21. I’m reading the recipe and I’m confused on whether I melt all the cheese then pour it on the macaroni. Recipe says put all the cheeses in a mixing bowl. So don’t melt together? I’m making it for our family Xmas eve today Don’t want to screw it up. Help please !

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Kelley,

      I'm excited that you're planning to make the baked mac and cheese for your Christmas Eve gathering! I know there's a lot of information to take in and that can be overwhelming sometimes.

      Regarding your question: in the recipe, we don't melt the cheeses together beforehand. Instead, we mix them in a bowl with the other custard ingredients just as it says in the recipe. Also, please take a moment to refer to the blog post in the sections, "WHY YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE MY SOUL FOOD SOUTHERN BAKED MAC N CHEESE RECIPE" or "HOW TO MAKE SOUL FOOD SOUTHERN BAKED MAC AND CHEESE" where we have more explanations and photos, as it's an important part of achieving the texture and flavor we're aiming for here.

      If you have any specific questions after reading those sections or if there's anything else you're unsure about, please feel free to ask. I'm here to help make sure your mac and cheese turns out amazing!

      I hope you have a fantastic Christmas Eve! xo, Eden

  22. Is there another cheese you can use instead of American cheese we don’t generally eat American cheese It’s not real cheese lol it’s more of a cheese product.

    Thank you!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Brittany,

      So this was discussed in the post. American cheese is used specifically because it's a cheese product.

      Natural cheese wants to separate and get gritty when heated, especially older, drier cheese like sharp cheddar because its water has been pulled out in the aging process. American cheese acts as a buffer. If you don't want to use american cheese, you can create a cheese sauce using a small amount of sodium citrate, which is a food-grade emulsifier often used in ice cream, jam, yogurts, and processed cheeses.

  23. Just OMG!! This was so delicious! It had a nice cheese crust on top and it was so creamy and cheesy! This will forever be my Mac and cheese recipe! I’ve tried so many and this is the BEST!! Thank You ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Carri,

      That makes me SO happy! I love that you enjoy my recipe, I hope you come back for more! Enjoy! xo, Eden

  24. I never leave reviews, but this dish needed a review! Hands down the best Mac and cheese I have ever made! I have been trying to find a Mac and cheese recipes for forever… and finally found it. Made it the night before thanksgiving to save on time the next day. I was nervous it would be dry when I took the foil off to top it with cheese before putting it in the oven. It was anything but dry. I also didn’t have all the seasonings on hand because I left them at home on the counter before heading to my parents to cook, so I only had a bout half of those. And it was still good!
    Thank you for helping me find my Mac and cheese recipe!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hey Dana,

      I'm so glad everything worked out for you! I hope you try out more of my recipes, I'm so happy you found my site! xo, Eden

  25. So excited to make this!! Unfortunately, I don’t have heavy cream. Can I sub it for evaporated milk?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Cierra!

      Add 1/4 cup butter to 3/4 cup of the evaporated milk to make a sub for the heavy cream. xo, Eden

  26. Hi I have heavy cream but no evaporated milk or half and half. Can I substitute whole milk for the half and half. If so is it the same amount? Thanks.

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Renee,

      Add a little pat of butter to the whole milk, about 2 tbsp to sub for the half and half. xo, Eden

  27. I have been making this for a few years (keep it in my saved tabs for quick reference), by far one of the best recipes for Mac and cheese. After making this my kids Always know when I ‘cheat’ and try to make a quick version.

  28. hi!! i decided to wait till last minute for my ingredients and the store was out of heavy whipping cream! what can i use to substitute it? I have half n half and evaporated milk on hand 🙂

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Hannah!

      No worries, melt about 4 tbsp of butter into 3/4 cup of the half and half or evaporated milk for the equivalent of 1 cup heavy cream.

      Let me know how it goes! xo, Eden

  29. Just want to say I’ve been making this for 4 years now and I’m in charge of Mac for every major holiday event lol. Everyone absolutely loves it. I appreciate you sharing it!!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks so much for your review! I appreciate you for making it a part of your holidays!

      Happy Thanksgiving. xo, Eden

  30. I've made this twice now, and it's been so good that I'm making it again for thanksgiving. I would love to perfect making this, but I've had the same two hiccups both times. The first is that the top will melt and get bubbly, but never brown at all, just have the oils sitting on top. I tried leaving it longer, broiling, it just didn't want to brown. I'm using cheese I shredded myself, and don't deviate from the recipe at all as far as type or amount. Maybe I'm just overthinking it, and melted is enough? The second is that my cream cheese doesn't want to melt into the mixture, so there are little chunks of cream cheese throughout. Most people would love that, but my husband hates cream cheese, so it's overwhelming for him lol. I didn't microwave it, but I did let it sit out and soften for hours before baking. Would melting the cream cheese prior help?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Brooke,

      So a reason why your cheese isn't browning might be because your oven may not be hot enough at the top. Ovens tend to be off-temperature after years of use, so I highly suggest an oven thermometer.

      Another thing is that the cheese needs to lose its moisture to brown. If you're using American cheese on top with the others or fresh mozzarella, that could prevent browning. Try using extra-sharp cheddar, keep the part-skim mozzarella and move the baking rack up closer to the top of the oven. Give it a good broil for the last 3-5 minutes.

      As for the cream cheese, definitely nuke it in the microwave and melt it down, then mix it into the cheese and cream mixture, it'll melt in perfectly!

      I hope all of this helps, let me know how it goes. xo, Eden

  31. Hi, I am super excited to try your recipe. A few questions
    Do you beat the eggs before adding?
    When mixing the cheeses, you do not cook/melt it? I usually create the cheese sauce and poor it over the pasta. You suggest putting everything together with the only cooked item being the pasta?
    Thank you

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Marie,

      Nope, I don't beat the eggs and nope, just like the post says there is no roux and no cheese sauce to make. It's a really simple recipe: boil the pasta, mix the other ingredients, add them together and bake! No gimmicks, no fussing, it's greater than the sum of its parts.

      I hope you love it! xo, Eden

  32. Can this be put together and made in the crockpot when no room in the oven?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Gwen,

      So it can work, but it won't make a browned cheese topping like we have here. I would say use 3/4 the amount of cheese since you won't need to put any on top.

      Cook the pasta to al dente, butter the inside slow cooker pot, dump in all the other ingredients we have without the eggs (I am not sure how the eggs will do in the slow cooker!), stir it well, and slow cook on low for 2-3 hours.

      Tell me how it goes! xo, Eden

  33. So excited to try this out! It looks amazing!! Do you think using lactose-free heavy cream would work? My sister is sensitive to heavy cream. I feel like it might be ok but just wondering your thoughts!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Manon,

      Lactose free will work just fine, we're really just needing the fat content from the heavy cream. xo, Eden

  34. Hi Eden,
    Hopefully this will be my last question. Since I will be making the mac n cheese today! Can't wait! The section in the "Notes" part that says "Notes for the best mac and cheese"... For extra creaminess, use 8 ounces of cream cheese. Do you add an additional 8 ounces of cream cheese on top of the listed amount of 4 ounces in the ingredients? So, would it be a total of 12 ounces? But what about if you are doubling the recipe...? What would the amount of cream cheese be then for extra creaminess? Thank you!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi again, Ashley!

      It's just 8 ounces, not 12, for extra creaminess for the usual recipe. If you double the recipe, you can use up to 16 ounces for the extra creaminess amount.

      Don't worry, you got this! xo, Eden

  35. I cannot for the life of me find cubed or a block of American cheese, just sliced. Any tips?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Sophia,

      The sliced is what I use, I buy it from the deli where there isn't an individual wrapper. So I can just cube the stack. It's in the video, so heck that out if you need to. xo, Eden

  36. Soooo I really want to make this. Born and raised in Texas, but unfortunately I live in Europe now where ‘American cheese’ or ‘Colby / Mont. Jack’ doesn’t exist here. (..Neither does velveeta, only those sliced fake cheeses for burgers)

    Is there anyway I can use 2 other cheeses with the Mozzarella and Cheddar? Id love to make this.

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Sophia,

      So you can buy sodium citrate, which is a food-safe emulsifier that is often used in ice cream, processed cheeses like American, and other things. Just a small amount (like 1/4-1/2 tsp) mixed into the liquids of the dish will help keep the cheese from becoming gritty or breaking.

      As for other cheeses, I like young gouda and havarti, they're both great melters. Hope that helps! xo, Eden

  37. Hi Eden,
    I’m back again with a few more questions. Under the section- Doubling the Recipe: You mentioned only adding one more egg when doubling the recipe. So, does that mean you use a total of 5 eggs when doubling the recipe or 3 eggs? Also, what size (measurements) should I use for the disposable aluminum baking pan for doubling the recipe? Also, when baking the double portion of the the Mac n cheese recipe does the total cook time end up increasing to 45 minutes (instead of 35 mins)? Thank you again so much for all your help! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Ashley!

      Okay, so I meant 3 eggs. Double everything else, but only use one more egg so we don't end up with an eggy mac.

      As for the aluminum baking pan, you can use a 13x18 inch one. Stack two together because they can be flimsy sometimes.

      And yes, cook for about 45 minutes when doubling the recipe. We are really wanting that golden brown top and the inside to set up slightly without drying out.

      Hope that helps! xo, Eden

      1. Yes, it helps a ton! Thank you so much for the quick & detailed response. Much appreciated! Have a great day.

  38. Hello. You said the recipe doubles easy, just add one egg. So if I wanted to Mac double the Mac, I am going to use two 16 ounce boxes of elbow macaroni, and only add an extra egg? No need to double the cheese, half and half, seasonings?

    Thanks and please respond, shopping in the next 24 hours lol.

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Joshua,

      So double the entire recipe, but only add one more egg (meaning you use 3 eggs in total). Double everything else, and make sure to taste the mixture for seasoning before adding in the eggs.

      Let me know how it goes! xo, Eden

      1. josh willingham says:

        I’m super excited to make this! Thank you for the reply and will let you know how it goes.

  39. Do you ever feel you need more than 6 cups of chicken broth to cook the 16 oz of noodles? Super excited to make this!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Sophie,

      So depending on the size and shape of your pasta you may need more or less. This is definitely a 'feel it out' ingredient here, if you need more to cover the noodles, use more! You can also just add in water if you ran out of broth, but I always keep a jar of Better than Bouillon broth base around the kitchen so I can make more just in case.

      Hope that helps! xo, Eden

  40. I accidentally got fat free half and half 🤦‍♀️ do you think I should go back to the store and get regular or will I be ok? Thanks so much! Can’t wait to make this for our thanksgiving

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Britt,

      You'll be just fine as long as you got the heavy cream. In fact, swap some of the half and half for a little more heavy cream to keep that fat ratio up. It makes for a seriously creamy mac! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. xo, Eden

  41. Ashley Jackson says:

    Hi Eden,
    I’m so excited to try your Mac n cheese recipe for Thanksgiving but I was wondering is there another alternative that I could use instead of the chicken broth for those that are vegetarian? Thank you!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Ashley,

      You could swap the chicken broth for vegetable broth with no problem. I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving! xo, Eden

      1. Better than bouillon brand make a vegetable bouillon paste. It’s usually with the broths/stocks in a small round jar. I use this instead of vegetable broth brocade it has so much flavor! I just add 2 tablespoons in the pot of water for the noodles.

  42. This is my go-to mac n chz recipe. Everytime I make it, everyone devours it. Best mac n chz recipe on the internet in my opinion!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hey Iris,

      Thanks so much for your comment! Nothing brings me more joy than people loving my recipes! Thanks for your support. xo, Eden

  43. Made this for our Sunday dinner this weekend and it was a HIT! I went a little crazy with the pasta sale the grocery had going on, so made another tray. So glad I did because people were coming back for thirds and fourths! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!❤️

  44. Just came across this recipe and going to make it, but I can’t use eggs. I’m wondering if the missing eggs will have a negative impact on the recipe? The reviews are all amazing

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Linda!

      So the eggs can be omitted. The mac and cheese won't be as structurally set as it usually is, so expect more ooey gooey-ness without the eggs. I hope that helps, let me know how it goes! xo, Eden

  45. Made this for my son's soccer team and it was wiped out! My son said it is the only baked mac-n-cheese he has ever enjoyed. Yay!
    My question is whether this would work in a crockpot, or would it just get too mushy?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Kristin,

      I'm so happy your son and his friends liked my recipe! As for the crockpot, I've never made it in one so I unfortunately cannot tell you. But it gives me an idea for a new crockpot version to develop. Thanks for stopping by! xo, Eden

  46. This is AMAZING Mac and cheese!!! Everyone loved it at our Easter dinner and my family keeps asking me to make it again. And I love the fact it doesn’t require me to make a roux. Perfection. Thanks for sharing this!!

    1. Bless my stars!! This is the mac and cheese of my childhood!
      I couldn’t help myself, so I mixed a drained jar of pimentos into the milk/egg mixture.

      Thank you for sharing!

      1. Eden Westbrook says:

        Hi Kelly,

        I'm so happy to hear you loved it! I love the idea of mixing pimentos in there! I just KNOW it was delish! xo, Eden

  47. So - I made this recipe for my kids and her friends - her friend said “this is black folk mac and cheese.” Her aunt came over later on and I fixed her a dinner plate. A couple of days later she invites me to a bbq she having and asked ME (I’m Hispanic) to bring the Mac and cheese!!! 😁 I got invited to the BBQ AND was asked to bring the mac and cheese!!! Whaaaat?!? So honored! Thank you for this great recipe!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Ivette,

      The way this made me laugh! You've been bestowed the honor of bringing the mac and cheese to the cookout! One of the highest honors! Congratulations!

      P.S. I hope you can play spades, it's a cookout classic. xo, Eden

  48. I have a question about the American cheese. Are you using white or yellow/orange color American cheese. I can’t seem to find it in a block at the store. In my area it comes in slices.

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Melissa,

      Either color works fine, and you can either buy american cheese from the deli section or buy the slices and use those. xo, Eden

  49. I tried reading as many questions as I could and didn't find the answer to this one. When you double the recipe. Do you still use only have of the shredded cheese in the pasta and the rest one top or is just just stick to the original 4 oz and all of the extra cheese in the macaroni

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Joe,

      If the pan is bigger than 9x13, I would suggest doubling the cheese you put on top! Enjoy! xo, Eden

  50. This is AMAZING mac & cheese! I made it for Christmas and everybody loved it. My 18-year-old niece has had to quarantine the last few days and asked for me to make it for her so I made it again. She just asked me, “did you put crack in that?” It is seriously addicting! The only change I make is using Brie cheese instead of American cheese.

  51. Baked Mac and cheese has been my favorite holiday food since I can remember, so as an adult I’ve been trying to recreate my grandmother’s Mac n cheese and it’s always been good, but never quite right and I couldn’t figure out. THIS RECIPE IS IT. It was amazing and everyone absolutely loved it. Thank you!!

  52. Ashley Jackson says:

    I am just wondering, do I just crack the egg and stir it in? I am having a brain fart on how I’m incorporating the egg and what they are really for. Going to make this tomorrow for new years!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Ashley.

      Both of your questions are answered in the post. And the video shows how to incorporate the eggs.

      Happy new year! xo, Eden

    2. I was in the same boat Ashley. The post was so long. I just wanted to get to the recipe but the recipe doesn’t explain all that well about the eggs. As far as I can put together it might be better to whisk the eggs into your milk products before adding any cheese. Especially if it’s being used as a binder. That’s what I got from the wording - “custard”. Clarification in the just the recipe could be helpful

      1. Eden Westbrook says:

        Hi Sam,

        I have provided process shots, a video, and very clear instructions in the recipe as to how to add eggs into your macaroni and cheese.

        As for why they are there the post under “ingredients: eggs” explaining quite clearly what they do for the dish.

        If you’re still unsure about how/why eggs are in my macaroni and cheese, I’m sorry but I cannot help you. do, Eden

      2. It's in the last part of step 4. Some mix the egg with the milk or hallf and half.

  53. Made this for Christmas lunch with the family. Everyone LOVED it, especially my niece and nephews (teenagers). I used Brie cheese instead of American and doubled the cream cheese. I also used a bit more seasoning. Everyone was asking for the recipe after lunch. I’ll definitely be saving this one for future family gatherings.

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      That sounds so delicious! I'm so happy that my mac and cheese was a part of your holidays. Thank you for making my recipe! xo, Eden

  54. Absolutely delicious. I have been looking for THE mac and cheese recipe for years and THIS is it. I made it for Thanksgiving this year and like three times since. Soooo creamy, flavorful and comforting. Quickly became a family favorite. Thank you so much!

  55. Amazing mac & cheese! Made it for Thanksgiving today and my family loved it! Thank you for sharing!

  56. Hello! I hope this isn't a stupid question but can I use one of those throw away aluminum pans instead of a baking dish? Also I got chive and onion cream cheese that's all I could find (I don't think sour cream and chive exists) will that work and should I keep the same amount of onion powder if so?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Jen,
      The aluminum pan works fine. Use that cream cheese, taste the mixture before adding the eggs and onion powder, then decide if it needs more. From what I’ve heard, sour cream and chive has been discontinued and replaced with sour cream and onion (chives are actually a part of that family!). Happy thanksgiving. xo, Eden

  57. I'm making ahead of time and freezing for 4 days. I accidentally added the eggs. Will it still turn out ok? Do I need to start over?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Amber,

      First, thank you for making my recipe! Second, you should be just fine. Eggs can freeze in general, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Let me know how it goes and happy Thanksgiving! xo, Eden

      1. It was amazing! I added in a little heavy whipping cream after thawing and it was perfect! So creamy and cheesy! It was hit with kids and adults. Thanks!

  58. Natalie H says:

    I am a college student and made this for my first "Friendsgiving" meal. It was a smashing hit and everyone loved it so much!! Thank you for sharing our kitchen with the internet <3

  59. Hello! I just came across your recipe and its exactly the M&C dish I want to make for thanksgiving!

    I have a quick question, I want to bake this in my smoker to instill a subtle smokey flavor to this, how long would you recommend to bake this for if the smoker was at 225?

    Thank you!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Umit,

      I've never made this mac and cheese in the smoker so I don't know how love it'll take to bake. It isn't made with a cheese sauce so you would be waiting for the cheese to melt as well so it may take at least an hour. If you decide to do it, let me know how it goes! xo, Eden

      1. Forgot to let you know how it came out last year! I ended up smoking the recipe for about 1.5 hours at 225 super-smoke and the subtle smoke was amazing. Additionally, I added some turkish spices and spicy turkish pepper paste (I'm turkish) which complimented your recipe perfectly. This Mac&Cheese ended up being better than my deep fried turkey which always steals the show. Only mistake was I should have bought more cheese bc the presentation was a little off, but I wont have that problem this year when I have to triple the recipe for 18 people 😅.

        Thank you so much for this recipe

        1. Eden Westbrook says:

          Hi Umit,

          I'm so glad you came back to tell me! That sounds so delicious with the pepper paste, I gotta try it. Thanks so much for making my recipe and leaving a review. I hope you have a marvelous holiday! xo, Eden

  60. When the recipe says American cheese is that from the deli or that box cheese Velveeta

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Rachel,

      I get mine from the deli at my local grocery store. xo, Eden

      1. Would Velveeta be ok in place of the American cheese?

        1. Eden Westbrook says:

          Hi Tyra,

          Velveeta actually is a type of American cheese! It'll work just fine.

          Happy Thanksgiving! xo, Eden

  61. I tried your recipe this past weekend, and we all absolutely loved it (including my 1 year old!). I am a foreigner and did not grow up with Mac and Cheese, and every recipe I have tried in the past just seemed to be missing something. The amount of cheesiness and the wonderful flavors from the spices make a perfect combo. Thank you so much for sharing it with us! Saving it as our new family staple for special occasions 🙂

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hey Emilie,

      I love to hear that y'all enjoyed this dish! There's nothing I love more than my recipes becoming part of family traditions. xo, Eden

  62. At last! I’ve been looking for the perfect Southern Mac & Cheese recipe for so long and I’ve finally found it! Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to making this and I know it’s gonna be so good.

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Pat,

      When I say this mac and cheese is life changing, I mean it! Hope you love it as much as I do. xo, Eden

  63. Made this last Thanksgiving and it was a home run! I had no leftovers. Thank you. In my menu for this year 🙂

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Theresa,

      Awesome! Nothing makes me happier, and I'm so glad y'all enjoy this dish as much as we do! xo, Eden

  64. Kristi Kleinman says:

    Made this because of the backstory; will absolutely make again because of the taste! My husband said, "its good, it's really good, don't ever make any other mac and cheese". It looks pretty too 😉
    My favorite homemade mac n cheese recipe has a crunchy garlic/butter/panko topping and both garlic and mustard powder in the cheese sauce. That recipe is much more work though!! I think the mustard powder is definitely the magic ingredient in the best macaroni and cheese dishes! Looking forward to trying more of your recipes. Which others do you highly recommend?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hey Kristi,

      I'm absolutely thrilled that you and your husband love the recipe! I totally agree with the mustard powder, it makes the cheddar flavor really pop.

      Other recipes I would really recommend trying: Creamy Cherry Tomato Pasta alla Vodka ; Lemon Brown Butter Sheet Pan Salmon with Herby Potatoes and Asparagus ; Garlic Butter Rolls ; and my husband insists I tell you to try the Garlic Butter Seafood Boil

      Give them a try and let me know how you like them! xo, Eden

      1. Would you ever add panko to the top for a little more crunch?

  65. The best mac n cheese I’ve ever made, a huge hit at family gatherings. I add smoked Gouda and it adds the most amazing smokiness! Thank you ❤️

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hey Izzy,

      Awesome! I love to hear that this recipe was a hit, thanks a bunch for trying it out, hon! xo, Eden

  66. You had me at "there's no weird scrambled egg-looking, broken, greasy cheese nonsense going on here!"

  67. This mac n cheese is excellent. I’ve tried various recipes and this is the one my bf always requests. Highly recommend!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Laura,

      I love to hear that my mac was enjoyed, especially when it becomes a repeat fave! Thanks so much for making it! xo, Eden

      1. This is THE best mac and cheese there is: it's what the church ladies cook for fundraisers. Everyone knows nobody cooks better than church ladies and Eden.

        The only important ingredient to add to Eden's recipe is good music to listen to while preparing it. As a New Orleanian, I suggest Jon Batiste, Kermit Ruffins, Irma Thomas, Trombone Shorty, any band with one or more members of the Neville family in it -- and of course, Fats Domino, Dr. John, Wild Magnolias, Rebirth Brass, James Booker... Music really does make any dish better (especially gumbo and the Monday pot of red beans).

        Bon appetit, ya'll! (I once added some nice spicy crawfish tails leftover after a boil. Don't tell Eden about my sacrilege, but it was nice for Easter.)

  68. Tom brick says:

    Best I have ever made. I making it in several smaller dishes cuz there is only me. My question is should I cook it before I freeze it

  69. This Mac and cheese was so creamy and cheesy!! It went perfectly with brisket, baked beans, and cornbread and was the star of the show!! Thanks for the recipe!

  70. I made this recipe fora cookout but actually tripled it. Baked in 2 medium size aluminum foil pans. It took about an hour to bake. I also added Muenster cheese to the cheeses mentioned. I thought just the kids would like it but someone who said they don’t like mac and cheese actually ate and took some home. It was delish!!! Thanks for the recipe

  71. You had said in the intro that your mom used sour cream and chives, but didn't see any reference to how much Sour Cream should be used. Can you please let us know?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      The quote is: “And cream cheese...'cause my mama uses it. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. It adds more moisture and creaminess to the mac and there are all kinds of flavors you can use. My mom uses sour cream and chive, it's SO good.”

      This is in reference to the flavors of cream cheese. My mama uses cream cheese, which is why it’s in the recipe, sour cream and chive flavor.

    2. M. McCord says:

      Honey, she used the sour cream and chives flavored cream cheese you find in the grocery store, instead of regular cream cheese.

  72. Mel Noriega says:

    Oh my goodness this is the best mac & cheese I've ever tasted. The flavor is amazing, the crust is crispy, & the consistency is solid. I've tried lots of different recipes using Velveeta or Campbell's cheddar soup and I was so happy to find this one with more natural ingredients.

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  74. I never leave reviews on recipess, but I felt this is deserved! I just made this for Easter dinner & my family LOVED IT! Thank you❤️

  75. This is the best mac and cheese recipe I've ever tried!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with the wider world, and for sharing the context and history as well. I'll be making this for many years to come 🙂

  76. Been trying different Mac and cheese recipes for a couple of years and this is the one right here, added smoked brisket to a tray for the super bowl and it was a huge hit

  77. Molly Anne says:

    This Mac n cheese did more for my health and happiness in one bite than my therapist will do in a year, baby

  78. Holy cow, was this good!

    I love a good macaroni and cheese, but I couldn't figure out why all of my other recipes were "meh". This is the real deal. I used Tillamook sharp cheddar, plain cream cheese, Kraft deli deluxe American singles, and pre-shredded mozzarella and "mexican blend", which had colby listed as one of the cheeses. Using the pre-shredded did not affect the texture, which I was worried about. I also threw in some chives because I had them, and added an illegal fried onion topping, since I don't have to worry about any side-eyes from my relatives. Now the bad thing is, my roommate, who is totally cheese-obsessed, does not like macaroni and cheese (how?!), so I'm going to be responsible for eating this whole thing. Wish me luck! And thank you SO MUCH for this recipe.

    1. Question… how were you able to get krafts American singles to blend when you mixed cheeses?? Were all your cheeses pre-shredded ?

      1. Eden Westbrook says:

        Hi Janell,

        I use pre-shredded cheeses in this recipe since we aren't making a cheese sauce.

        If you want the American cheese just as shredded to mix in better with the other cheeses, you can pulse it in a food processor or use the shredding disk attachment if your food processor comes with one. xo, Eden

  79. Sooo I think after this recipe I can stop looking for other recipes lol. This was insanely delicious and easy to make. I am so thankful you shared this - you’ve single-handedly saved our family [dinners]!

  80. Karen Underwood says:

    Made this with some ribs we smoked on the PK yesterday. The 4 men that were here for dinner were very happy! I did sub some fire cheese I bought a block of for 2 cups of the cheese, used 8oz of cream cheese, and diced fresh jalapenos on top. I did not have access to any cream, so I used one can of evaporated milk with a couple of TBPs butter melted in. Perfect! This goes on my permanent rotation list. Thank you!

  81. Keeshan Crow says:

    Thanks for the best mac & cheese recipe I have ever made! This was perfection! Kid approved and adults loved it, too! I made it for Thanksgiving 2021. This recipe will be my "go-to" from now on.

  82. Molly Parker says:

    Do you know many slices of american cheese should be used if one can't find it cubed? Thank you!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      The video shows the American cheese is sliced American cheese put together and cubed. It’s still the same amount.

      1. Jennifer F says:

        The recipe calls for 4oz of cream cheese but the linked YouTube video shows thr whole 8oz being used. Which is correct?

        1. Eden Westbrook says:

          Hi, the answer to your question is in the recipe card.

        2. You should read the entire recipe card.Lot of lazy readers out there

          1. Poor Eden answering questions whose answers have already been noted in recipe.Dont just 'jump to recipe".Read the suggestions
            THE FINE PRINT

            1. Readers are lazy.Suprised they don’t ask Eden to come over and turn the oven on for them.

        3. Monica Lavington says:

          The recipe says that if you want your mac & cheese to be more creamy, use the whole 8oz.

      2. Ashley Helfrich says:

        I'm getting ready to make this recipe. How do I temper the eggs ? I've never made Mac n cheese I know it's pretty simple.

        1. Eden Westbrook says:

          The recipe does not say to temper the eggs. Follow the recipe, there’s a video if you’re a visual learner, and you’ll be good to go.

    2. Go any deli that cheese and will cut for you

    3. Jessica B says:

      I made this today for Christmas dinner and it was so good!! Will definitely be my go to mac and cheese recipe!

  83. Monica Makori says:

    I thought in your Tik Tok video you made a rue first or am I mistaken

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      The only video I made with my Mac and cheese is the one on my website.

  84. I have everything except the heavy cream. The store was completely out 😫. Can I make this without it? Or is there a substitute I could use?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi! Here’s a good substitute: for 1 cup heavy cream, melt 1/4 cup of butter into 3/4 cup whole milk.

      1. Karen Underwood says:

        Thank you! I had the same problem and this substitution makes me happy.

  85. Shannon Pfenninger says:

    Absolutely to die for! I've experimented with many mac and cheese recipes but this one clearly takes the cake!

  86. Half and half is a mixture of 50% cream and 50% milk that's sold in American grocery stores (we often use it instead of regular cream in coffee). You can make it yourself by mixing half of each!

  87. Half and half is a light cream. You can mix 3/4 cup milk with 1/4 cup heavy cream and get the same consistency.

  88. Eden Westbrook says:

    Hi, I’m not sure what exactly you’re talking about. All measurements are in both imperial and metric systems.

    1. I think she meant “half and half” lol but yes girl! thank you for this GEM!

  89. This recipe is perfection! My husband grew up with his mom making amazing baked mac and cheese. He says this is right up there with his mom's recipe, and that is saying a lot!

  90. Rachel Brink says:

    Can this recipe be made ahead and cooked the following day?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Yes. Many readers have commented they’ve made this Mac and cheese ahead of time.

  91. Shaun Turner says:

    This has been a hit with family & friends everywhere we go. We have special requests when visiting family can we bring it with us. The grandmother's of the family really love it. Thank you for your perfect recipe. It's the epitome of comfort food.

  92. Rae Wilson says:

    Does this recipe call for whole eggs or egg yolks? Most of the recipes I've seen have just the yolks, so curious to know before I make this version.

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Rae,

      It uses whole eggs.

      1. It went well! Made it for a potluck and got a lot of compliments on it, great recipe!

  93. I will never search for another Mac and cheese recipe ever!!! This came out amazing, and soooo easy to make

  94. Everyone *loved* this mac & cheese! Before this recipe, I never did find *the* recipe! This is totally it! I even forgot to add the spices and it was still delicious! My boyfriend said he never cared for baked mac & cheese until he had this one. My ever so picky son even liked it! Thank you! I plan on taking a pan of this to my friend, this weekend.

    1. This looks so easy. Quick question, could I add Havarti cheese or gouda cheese?

      1. Eden Westbrook says:

        You sure can!

  95. Outstanding, creamy and packed with flavor. Just a tip for those asking about the american cheese. I ask the deli counter for 3 slices on the number 10 blade and it come to just a tad over 8 oz and then just dice at home. My new go to mac n cheese.

  96. I've from the Deep South like you (MS) and this is just like back home. I loved the history and your writing for this recipe. I'm going to check out other recipes on your site now. Thank you!

  97. This was so good and so easy. I'm southern, but we rarely had macaroni and cheese growing up, because my grandfather was a potato guy (blasphemy!). As an adult, I've been looking for the perfect southern-style mac like the ones I had at homestyle restaurants growing up. I made this one as a Christmas side, and it is definitely going to be my new go-to recipe. Not a Velveeta fan, so I used a pack of Kraft deli deluxe slices for the American cheese, and it worked great.

  98. First, thank you for sharing your recipe! I made this and it came out beautifully and I am a novice cook. The only thing was the cream cheese didn't melt. Was this a mistake I made? Should I have let it get to room temp prior to baking? I'll eat some of the mac and cheese and get random cubes of cream cheese.

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi! Let the cream cheese come to room temperature (or even nuke it in the microwave) to help. Some cream cheese brands (like Philly) are made with a ton of stabilizers and additives that help it keep it from melting for baking in things like cheesecake.

  99. This recipe is super super eeeaaaaasssyyy and incredible!

  100. This is hands down the best Mac and cheese recipe ever! Ive tried a few different recipes and this is just it! Between the gooey ness and all the flavor ugh it’s amazing. I have everybody asking me for the recipe it’s so delicious! Thank you so much!

    1. Disregard my last question... it’s in the recipe. Sorry and thank you.

  101. Made this tonight and we loved it. Thank you.

  102. I made this recipe over the weekend. It was so delicious and the perfect texture. I know you mentioned this recipe must be made with elbow pasta but I'll admit I used cavatappi and it works great too 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Kristen Wolanski says:

      Hi. I was wondering if you could make this mac and cheese the night before? Sounds awesome!

      1. Eden Westbrook says:

        Yes you can! It can be baked the next day as well.

  103. Samantha Hines says:

    DAMN. I will never make another mac & cheese as long as I'm alive.

  104. Made this for Thanksgiving and it was a HIT!!!! The fam loved it!!! My daughter went back 3x just for this Mac and Cheese!!! This will be a forever recipe!!! Thanks a lot!!!

  105. I'm not a big mac n cheese fan, but my family is and we been tryin to get the right "brick style" mac n cheese for a minute, and this was the 1 we was lookin for.
    THANK U for this recipe. It was on point!

  106. Hi there what temperature do I cook the mac n’ cheese?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi, the answer to your question is in both the post and the recipe card.

      1. Gabriella says:

        How many eggs do you mix in?

        1. Eden Westbrook says:

          Hi, Gabriella. The answer to your question is in the recipe card. Thanks.

  107. Marianne McKenna says:

    This is the 2nd Thanksgiving our family is going to eat this mac and cheese. After such a crazy year it's such a blessing to turn to this comfort food. Thanks so much Eden for sharing your experience. From our family to yours happy holidays.

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Thank you! Happy thanksgiving!

  108. Stacy cave says:

    Can I use whole milk if I don’t have half n half?

  109. Hey! I only have a 9x13 pan on hand. How will that effect this recipe?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      The answer to your question is written in post!

  110. Thanks, Eden. Just pre-made this for tomorrow’s big dinner. My wife’s missing her mom and gram (and their holiday mac and cheese!). Hoping this hits the spot and helps ease some of the quarantine blues. Thanks again! 💜

  111. Britne Hart says:

    Just to clarify, when mixing all the cheeses and creams etc, do I heat it up or just mix in the bowl?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Just mix it. The recipe is written to be as simple as possible, boo. It’s a dump and bake kind of dish 🙂

      1. Keenan Winfree says:

        Reading is fundamental lol.

        1. Haha.Good one!! Amazing how many lazy readers are out there😏

  112. I don’t need to melt the cheese before adding all the ingredients together?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      No. Just follow the recipe and you’ll be fine hon.

  113. Can’t wait to try this for thanksgiving! I have been on the search for amazing soul Mac and cheese forever. I grew up in the south but not with this kind of Mac and cheese. First time I tried it I was shocked at how delicious it was, but have never found a good recipe. You blog explained so much! Excited that this might be it.

  114. I made 3 lbs of this for our Friendsgiving yesterday & there was nothing left ! Delicious !

    1. Towanna Drennon says:

      Where did you find American cheese? I've looked at every grocery store in my area.

      1. Eden Westbrook says:

        Try looking for Velveeta or Kraft American singles

      2. You have to request it at the deli! Ask for the THICKEST CUT, then cube it yourself when ready to prep!

        1. melanie Debrow says:

          Can I use pre shredded cheese?

          1. Eden Westbrook says:

            Yes you can use prestressed cheese here

  115. We have an egg allergy in the family. Would leaving the eggs out completely work, or would it be too soupy? Do you have any suggestions for alternatives?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      You can definitely leave the eggs out, though the eggs are there to help 'set' the macaroni, I don't expect there to be so much liquid that you'd have macaroni soup. Honestly, the creamier the better to me!

      1. Please tell me I can use preshredded (store bought) cheese?? I just did all my thanksgiving shopping and didn’t even bother to check if that was okay! And do I have to melt everything together before mixing? This is my first attempt EVER at homeade Mac n cheese!

        1. Eden Westbrook says:

          You can, just make sure you’re also using American cheese, egg and heavy cream. The pre shedded is covered in Cellulose which can stop the cheese from melting smoothly.

  116. Stumbled across your blog from The Everygirl website and this recipe in particular caught my eye! There are so many recipes I've missed by not being close to family, but your recipes are bringing a little home to my southwest location--thank you!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      This brought me so much joy! I'm so happy you found my site!

  117. Brianna torres says:

    So for the life of me I can not fight out where to get the American cheese. At Walmart or any grocery store. I do see “American Kraft sliced cheese but not block” what brand and where do you find it.

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      You can use the slices, just tear them up so they can melt into the mac and cheese evenly. You can also use a part of a block of Velveeta, which can be found at Walmart, Costco, etc.

    2. I have found it at my deli. They sell it sliced but you can get it in a block.

      1. That’s what I did and the deli block was just right!

    3. You can get it from your local deli, just request it in a block form instead of in slices so you can cube it yourself.

  118. Hello

    This looks so delicious. Could you tell me what would be a good substitute for American cheese? I live in Canada and I don't think we have that here. We have velveeta but I don't think that's the same. Thank you!!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Danielle, American cheese is known as processed cheese internationally. Velveeta is similar, using more emulsifiers than American cheese. You’ll find it made by Kraft in your store.

  119. Wow.... just wow... This is THE ONE! Perfect!!!

  120. I made this tonight, for my son’s birthday. He said it was the best mac and cheese ever! Such a great recipe. Thank you!

    1. This is now a family favorite! We use the Velveeta cheese sauce for the American cheese. It was so good.

      1. Eden Westbrook says:

        I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  121. What’s the cook time if you half the recipe?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi Maria! It’s about 20-25 minutes. To get more browning, put it under a high broiler for no more than a minute or two!

  122. Wow, this is the best mac & cheese I ever had. Thank you for sharing
    this great recipe & your story.

  123. I've been to many barbecue and southern restaurants known for their mac & cheese. This was better.

    My wife worked where older southern ladies brought baked mac & cheese to potlucks. This was as good as the best of those.

    So good. After dinner we kept picking at the leftovers.

    Thank you for the best macaroni and cheese I've ever had. I really appreciate the detailed explanations and your "telling the story" which make it almost as fun to read as to eat.

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      This made my day! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

  124. I just tried your recipe for my family tonight after finding it a couple of weeks ago on your blog. My family has varying levels off pickiness, so I wasn't sure what to expect from them. But the pickiest of them all loved it -- as did the other 4 of us! We ate almost the whole pan. They like it better than the other recipe I have made before (that uses a roux). And everyone enjoyed listening as I shared your thoughts on mac and cheese and it's importance in your family and in black culture. We'll be making this again! Thank you!

  125. Karen Mattoon says:

    I'm always in search of a yummy mac and cheese recipe. This one caughy my eye. First of all its Southern and I heard great things about southern cooking and second 5 cheeses! One can not have too much cheese. Its baking as we speak! It was quick and easy to prepare and I added lobster, because well I'm a New Englander and Maine is known for the best lobster. I have no doubt this will taste great!

  126. I was sent here by sassyspoon on IG! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. I’ve never made a baked Mac and cheese before and I’m so excited to try!

  127. Vanessa D says:

    Oh my god,this was amazing!!
    I've subbed a bit of cheese (I live in the U.K. so had to make do with cheddar and red Leicester), never used cream cheese in a Mac before and have to say it's life changing! (Also, forgot the mozzarella 🤦🏻‍♀️)
    Thank you!

  128. Charlotte says:

    I appreciated learning about Juneteenth - thank you for sharing because I had no idea. I loved your story and can’t wait to try this recipe!!

  129. I can’t wait to try this! Totally with you on all the cheeses! And loved your story ❤️

  130. I made this last night for my grandsons with bar- b-que chicken and baked beans and they loved it. I learned a lot by reading your blog on the cheeses. This is what I have been looking for. I am happy I found you and will be trying more of your recipes.

  131. This recipe was excellent. I made it for my husbands birthday yesterday and everyone enjoyed it. Thank you!

  132. April Conti says:

    We had large crowd for Christmas this year and I wanted to make a special mac 'n cheese as part of dinner. I was extremely nervous about the Smoked Paprika but followed your recipe exactly. This was, by far and hands down, the most spectacular mac 'n cheese I have ever made! When we went around the table and said what our favorite dish was, a full 85% said the mac 'n cheese. It was so good that the family begged me to make it again for our traditional New Year's Day Soul Food celebration. Thank you SO very much for this recipe! It is the only recipe we will ever use again.

  133. Thank you for sharing your mac'n'cheese magic! The cheese is bubbling away in the oven as I type! I'm making this for a potluck at my daugther's daycare and I'm sure the teachers will be loving every bite!

  134. Hi! Sounds like an amAzing recipe. I’ve been looking at a few online and they use flour... Should I use any flour in yours? Also, it states to mix it all up in a large mixing bowl. Do I not to heat it all up before tossing into the pasta before the over? Sorry for the weird questions

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  136. Can’t wait to try this! Mine is similar but never used cream cheese and mozzarella! Do you always use the chives cream cheese or do use plain cream cheese sometimes? Which do you recommend at a gathering ? Is using the flavored one kid friendly? I love your blog!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Thank you! In my recipe, I call for plain cream cheese. My mother uses sour cream and chives cream cheese, and she has for decades. Either one is perfectly fine to use for kids or a gathering as the cream cheese is used for moisture more so than it is for flavor. The sour cream and chives flavor is not strong enough to change the overall flavor of the mac and cheese.

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  138. Could I substitute one of the cheeses for pepper jack cheese ?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Pepper Jack is made of Monterey Jack cheese, which is known for melting well, so I say go ahead!

    2. You dont need any butter for this at all?

      1. Eden Westbrook says:

        Other than buttering your baking dish, not at all. Heavy cream takes care of the fat content needed.

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    1. Hey! I'm super excited for this recipe but before i even got started I messed up ....I sent my husband to the store to pick up my macaroni he picked up 16oz of jumbo macaroni. How does this effect the recipe? Do I need to adjust anything? Or would it be easier to just go pick up a box of regular size macaroni? This looks so good!!! Just like the Mac and cheese I grew up on!

      1. Eden Westbrook says:

        Hi Kelly!

        I have no idea what a giant noodle would do other than...well, be giant lol! It should be fine, but if you want that classic mac situation, send hubby back out to grab regular sized elbow macaroni and make sure he sends a pic for verification!

        Happy Thanksgiving! xo, Eden

  140. Due to a time element, I could not make this at the last moment... boiled pasta, and rinsed very well under cold water to remove starch and stop the cooking process. I used 1 1/2 c, heavy whipping cream and 1 c. 1/2 & 1/2. Mixed this up about 45 minutes prior to baking. Turned out great! My new Mac N Cheese recipe for family gatherings.... thank you so much for sharing! 5 stars from 9 people in my family who enjoyed this dish!!

    1. Wow! Your recipe is similar to my mother's except she doesn't use cream cheese. I enjoyed every bit of your recipe and story. I'm obsessed with Black History and discussing such details that molded our history. I'm even more obsessed with southern dishes since I grew up eating them. Thank you so much for your amazing blog! I'll be using your recipe to impress my new Haitian "friend" 😊

  141. Is it okay to make this up the night before, put it in the fridge, and then do the actual baking the next day? Trying to prep for Thanksgiving and hoping to figure out the best way to do this! Thanks!

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      Hi! I would not prep the macaroni noodles beforehand, simply because cooked pasta doesn’t bode well by itself (without a sauce or in a casserole). The cheeses can be shredded ahead of time (or be pre-shredded in bags). The prep time is very quick, it’s a “boil macaroni, mix cheese and milk, then bake” recipe.

      1. Omg I should have read the comments before I prepped. I cooked the noodles, ran them under cool water, mixed them into the cold cheese mixture, topped with cheese, and have it sitting in my fridge. It sat overnight. Will it be dried out? Is there anything I can do to fix my blunder?

        1. Eden Westbrook says:

          Hi, because you covered the pasta, they will not be dried out. They may be over saturated, pasta absorbs liquids (if you’ve ever left excess pasta in it’s cooking liquid, you have seen them swell and become mushy). Hopefully because of the cold temperature in the fridge, they did not soak up all of the milk mixture and will be okay to bake without becoming overcooked.

  142. None of the grocery stores near me offer American cheese by the block or cubed. Is there a different cheese I can use that isn't velveeta?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      You can use American cheese slices, just tear them apart and add them to the baking dish. The deli area in my local grocery stores have blocks of American cheese, so if you have a store with a deli that has American cheese, you can ask them to chop up the cheese into cubes.

    2. Drew Wingate says:

      Does the mac & cheese need to be covered? Can it be covered or does it have to be uncovered?Thanks!

      1. Eden Westbrook says:

        The Mac and cheese is baked uncovered. If you don’t want the cheese browned, or notice it getting too browned too quickly, cover it with foil while baking. It is entirely up to you.

        1. I can’t find sour cream and chive cream cheese anywhere , do you have any suggestions? I was thinking to add maybe 2 to 4 ounces of sour cream and chop up some fresh chives?

          1. Eden Westbrook says:

            The recipe doesn’t call for sour cream and chive cream cheese. That’s just what my mom used to use in hers, it isn’t necessary. Use regular room temperature cream cheese.

  143. I made this for my roommates for Friendgiving and this was amazing! It was almost gone in the first hour. I accidentally used to much cream cheese lol, but it still came out good, just a little more sticky then it should had been. For now on I'll use this recipe when I craving some soul food.

  144. Simply wow!!! I just finished baking this recipe for Friendsgiving and had a taste. It's pure bliss!
    Thank you!

  145. When you say "American cheese", are we talking about chunks from the deli, velvetta, something else?

    1. Eden Westbrook says:

      American cheese is really “pasteurized processed cheese product” in the US. It means that the cheese has been processed with emulsifiers and fats, which is a good thing in this recipe since those emulsifiers and fats help bind the harder, sharper natural cheeses in the mac and keep them from breaking, getting oily, or drying out.
      Deli American cheese and Kraft American have less emulsifiers (Kraft is at least 51% cheese) than Velveeta but also less salt. Velveeta has gelatin in the recipe and melts into a liquid state easily.
      Long story short, we’re looking for the cheap processed stuff to help make a gooey mac and cheese, so choose what you are comfortable with using.

  146. Adi Goodlett says:

    I loved reading the whole write up for you Mac n Cheese recipe! Thank you for the history behind Juneteenth. My church celebrate Juneteenth every year but it never occurred to me we were celebrating emancipation. Anyway, I am not in charge of the Mac and cheese at Thanksgiving and every other holiday but I am in charge of the potato salad, candied yams (my grandmother’s recipe), the deviled eggs and even the dressing. Now I will set my sights on the Mac n cheese with this recipe. Thank you for sharing!

  147. Whewwwwww, chile this looks AMAZING!

  148. Nothing like a Baked Mac + Cheese! That crust! Oh my!!

  149. Katrina Adams says:

    This looks delicious!! I will be adding this recipe to my recipe Rolodex!!!

  150. Whew!! This mac and cheese looks absolutely delicious! I love how you explained the purpose of each cheese!

  151. Yes, yes, yes and yes, loved this post and especially the recipe. Mine is very similar except I’ve never done the cream cheese and I always use evaporated milk. Gonna have to give this a try. I always make the Mac n cheese for family gatherings so we’ll see if they notice the difference.

  152. Krissy Allori says:

    So cheesy and delicious!

  153. Kelly Anthony says:

    I wish I had a bite of those crispy browned cheese edges right now. This recipe is exactly what soul food is all about!

  154. This mac and cheese recipe is amazing. Perfectly creamy and delicious!

  155. Morgan Eisenberg says:

    3+ cheeses is a must! That beautiful brown crust on top is just perfect.

  156. Cookilicious says:

    Pinned this as well. I am definitely making this!

  157. Sara Welch says:

    What an awesome recipe! This will make a great family dinner for tonight! Yum!

  158. Love how rich and flavorsome this mac n cheese look! I have a ton of cheese waiting in my fridge to be used in a delicious recipe like yours.

  159. I'm so glad you shared this very special recipe with us! I used to have a co-worker who brought her soul-food mac and cheese to every potluck, and everyone absolutely loved it. I asked for the recipe and was given very vague information...needless to say, it wasn't the same! I can't wait to try yours.

  160. Tristin Rieken says:

    This is THE BEST mac and cheese EVER! I have a few picky kids who wouldn't even eat my homemade mac and cheese, UNTIL I found this recipe! Thank you so much, it's life changing delicious.