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comfort food | multiethnic | educational
sweet tea + thyme is full of Southern, Latino + caribbean, and seasonal recipes that are developed and tested by le cordon bleu-trained chef, published photographer, and food writer eden westbrook.
I consider ST+T an educational recipe site, I'm not just giving you a recipe, I'm teaching you how to cook!
close up of served turkey parts and slices of turkey breasts on a platter
a hand garnishing limoncello spritz with mint

My brain works in strange ways: I need to not just know the how but the why. And that is why...

...Each post breaks down ingredients and their usage in the recipe, so you know what the ingredient does.
...Each post has step-by-step instructions that include process photos, showing exactly what each step looks like.
...I also break down culinary techniques used in restaurants and in culinary school that you can use at home, so every home cook can learn no matter their skill level.

This helps teach how to not only cook this recipe, but learn how to cook almost any dish.

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eden westbrook and her son
glaze getting poured onto a stack of strawberry muffins

About Eden!

mama + wife | photographer | pro recipe developer
I love making fresh, from-scratch meals inspired by the people I love the most, the places I've lived, and the cultures I grew up with as a third gen military vet, spouse, and Navy Brat.
I went to culinary school in the 2010s and come from a long line of great cooks, with many awards between my grandma, mama, and aunties. My parents even own a food truck!
My family lives in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains, it's here that I'm whipping up new recipes, entertaining friends and family, and enjoying life in the countryside.
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