with fresh strawberries!

strawberry shortcake muffins

strawberry shortcake muffins

these beautiful little muffins are made with fresh strawberries, rich cream, and covered in a yummy lemon vanilla glaze. Heaven!

Going grocery shopping? Pick up some: Fresh Strawberries Heavy Cream Raw sugar and vanilla for the best strawberry shortcake muffins ever!

I've got all the tips and tricks for moist, fluffy muffins that are easy and simple to put together and so, so perfect for any spring or summer party. My step-by-step instructions ensure you get perfect shortcake muffins every time!

If you were looking for a treat that works for both a brunch and a dessert, you've found it!

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Make this easy and delish strawberry custard tart! Shortbread cookie crust, creamy vanilla custard, fresh berries, it's a fave!

Want summertime sips?

My recipe for strawberry lemonade is so good, you may drink the whole batch. Made with only 4 ingredients, it's THE drink for any occasion this season.

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