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Unique AND fun!

This Halloween themed charcuterie board is a different approach to your average partty platter!  This is a spooky walk through a haunted neighborhood using easily found props and decorations along with delicious meats and cheeses

Creative tips and tricks

An eerie fog casts over the town for your halloween party. At least, it does on your charbooterie board! I have a ton of different ideas to take your cheese board over the top!

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Serve punch with some punch

A smoking cauldron full of punch adds so much to this spooky charcuterie board!

Exotic textures and flavors

Twists on favorites like smoked cheddar keep things familiar, while exotic fruits like lychee and mangosteen keep the Halloween vibes in their colors with sweet, delicious new flavors inside!

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The Purple People Eater Cocktail/Mocktail

IA bubbly, citrusy purple drink that anyone at your Halloween party will die for!  Make it boozy or not, just don't forget that lychee eyeball.

Halloween Jungle Juice

Want a cocktail that's a real showstopper in your cauldron? It tastes like a vacation, looks like it belongs to the Sanderson Sisters.