Recipe for the consome included!

Crispy Juicy Birria  Tacos

Crispy Juicy Birria  Tacos

Everyone enjoyed the tacos, including my very critical 12 years old. In his words, "this was busting!" thanks for sharing!- Isabel

This birria taco recipe gets all its flavor from the amazing chili-based sauce that you slow simmer the beef in, then dip the tacos right into! It's everything you want from a birria taco: juicy, crispy, savory, and spicy!

From step-by-step photos to make ahead instructions, my recipe post for the BEST birria quesatacos has everything you need to make your own tacos with an amazing consomme dipping sauce!

If you're not making your own homemade birria tacos with consomme, what are you waiting for?!

Got leftovers?

Birriamen is a fusion that is mind-blowingly good! With a ramen broth made of birria consome, white miso, and dashi, this leftover dish takes only 10 minutes!

Easy homemade pizza!

Birria pizza is a great way to use your leftovers! And hey, folding a slice and dipping it into the consome? Incredible!

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