This Viral Grinder Salad Sandwich is all over TikTok!

Eden Westbrook

It's so easy to make with crunchy, saucy salad and Italian sub dressing!

The TikTok Viral Grinder Sandwich was actually made popular in my home state, Virginia! It's a hefty take on a classic northeastern Grinder/Sub sandwich.

Let’s get started!

I made this for my husband for lunch today and he asked me what I put in the sandwich. I thought it was a bad thing but then I looked up and the sandwich was gone - he ate it all  and asked me to make another one!! We both cannot get over how delicious this was!!" -Britney

Make the Grinder Salad


All you have to do is mix the salad ingredients. That's it! It's really saucy and flavorful.

Melt the Cheese


Slap on some meat and cheese, then toast it under your broiler.

Top with tons the salad


This sandwich is all about that grinder salad. It's packed with tons of flavor: garlic, red wine vinegar, herbs and peppers!

Enjoy with garlicky sandwich bread!


Bonus points for brushing on a quick and DELICIOUS garlic butter both on the outside AND inside your bread for maximum flavor!

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Eden Westbrook