Southern Peach Cobbler made in a Cast Iron Skillet

Sweet Tea + Thyme

Peach Cobbler is a Southern staple! Sweet, spiced peach filling and beautiful cobbled biscuit's a classic. But that doesn't mean it has to be hard to make!

We're using canned peaches!


No need to fuss around with blanching and chopping fresh peaches. Canned peaches are fast, easy, and delicious!

Classic Cobbled Crust


This drop biscuit topping is spiced with cinnamon and quick to whip up in one bowl. Sprinkle on raw sugar for a crunchy and sparkly addition!

Mix, Bake, and Done!


This recipe is super simple. Mix the filling, mix the topping, bake, and done in less than an hour!

Perfect any time!


Because it's made with canned peaches, my southern peach cobbler is perfect for Thanksgiving, Easter, and all year long!