Make the BEST Garlic Butter Seafood Boil!

Sweet Tea + Thyme

Juicy jumbo shrimp, tender potatoes, sweet corn, buttery lobster tails, succulent snow crab legs...and two delicious garlic butter sauces that are to die for. It's our favorite dish to celebrate any holiday with!"

Memories of cracking open crab legs and dipping sweet lobster tails in savory garlic butter with family and friends is exactly where this garlic butter seafood boil comes from!

Let’s get started!

It makes a lot of food!


We always make seafood boils during the summer and during the holidays--when we are having the most time together with loved ones!

Not one, but TWO garlic butter sauces


My recipe makes two easy garlic butter seafood boil sauces! One for dipping...

...and one for pouring!


Toss all the seafood in this garlic butter seafood boil sauce! Coat everything in it, you won't regret it. Just bring napkins!