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The BEST Strawberry Lemonade

Eden Westbrook

Making sweet, tart, refreshing strawberry lemonade without a blender is super easy! This is a perfect recipe for spring and summer.

Let’s get started!

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Make the strawberry simple syrup!


All you need are fresh or frozen strawberries, water, and sugar!

Macerate Strawberries


Doing this gives extra strawberry flavor and sweetness

Pour in lemon juice


Using fresh lemons will give you sweeter, less acidic flavor than bottled juice

Add Strawberry Syrup


This simple syrup smells and tastes AMAZING! Use as much as you like!

Still or Sparkling


You can use sparkling or still water for this strawberry lemonade recipe, it tastes awesome either way!

21+ add some spirits!


Add in some vodka to make your new summer fave: strawberry vodka lemonade!

Eden Westbrook

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