Let’s Collaborate!


Thank you for showing interest in working with me, I would love to work with you! There are a plethora of ways we can collaborate, so please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss a partnership opportunity listed here, or a fresh new idea you may have.

For any inquiries and/or to see my media kit, please contact me at sweetteaandthyme@gmail.com.


Partnership Opportunities:


Brand Ambassadorship

I would love to consider an opportunity to represent your service, brand, or product that connects well with Sweet Tea & Thyme’s readers and audience; this can include touting your brand through blog posts, social media posts, ad spaces, and more.



Product Reviews and Giveaways

If you have a product or service you feel would mesh well and connect with my readers, please feel free to contact me to discuss hosting a giveaway or reviewing a product/service! I adore sharing products, brands, and services that I use and love in my own home with my readers. All giveaways are promoted through social media and email newsletters.



Recipe Development

Creating new and exciting recipes is a big love of mine and I am available to create fresh recipes for your company/brand. These recipes can be published on a different site or we can consider publishing the recipe on Sweet Tea & Thyme.



Sponsored Posts

I am open to creating sponsored posts on Sweet Tea & Thyme for your brand/company. If you have ideas on content you believe will connect with readers, contact me and let me know.



Conference Attendance

I am available to discuss sponsorships for attending food, blogging, and related conferences. I would love to represent your company and share my experiences and opportunities with my readers and social media followers.

Freelance Writing and Editorial Work

I would love to work with your brand to create content for your product, service or food publications. I am open to freelance recipe development, guest posting, editorial writing, and any other ideas your company may have.




You can advertise on Sweet Tea & Thyme with a variety of sizing and price options upon request by email.



Press Trips, Retreats, Company Events, etc.

I am available to attend numerous events and share the experience with my readers and followers on social media. Follow up blog post(s) can also be done.




I will always be transparent with my readers and disclose the nature of the partnership between Sweet Tea & Thyme and any brand. I will include a small disclaimer at the end of any and all posts written on behalf of of a company or partner, per FTC guidelines. I will make my readers aware of the compensation exchanged for the post; integrity and honesty is not negotiable. I reserve the right to publish my honest opinion/experiences. Compensation will never guarantee a positive review. With that, I am always open to the opportunity to promote and endorse brands, companies, services, and products that are a great fit with Sweet Tea & Thyme.


Contact Me:

Please contact me to discuss any potential partnerships; my media kit is available upon request.