Hey, okay, I know…it’s been a while.

Here’s some pumpkins to make it better:pumpkin-patch-atl

Don’t throw tomatoes at me, this hiatus wasn’t out of laziness. In fact, I’ve been dying to get back in the kitchen and onto this blog!

Let’s go over what has been going on lately:

Brian has been re-baptized and we go to church together as a family! Let me shout it from the roof tops, honey! We met when we both were agnostic, but I was baptized Christian November 18th, 2011 at Naval RTC. Yes, that’s right, you can get baptized at bootcamp. Ever since I was praying that God would have Brian find a way back.

I’m so happy, I got on a Kool-Aid smile every time church comes up. Potential Church has been such a blessing to us, I’m glad God brought us here.

Right now I am planning on a Sweet Tea & Thyme LIVE show on my Facebook page (click here to LIKE SWEET TEA & THYME ON FACEBOOK) so please don’t miss out on that! My mentor basically was like ‘why aren’t you taking that grand opportunity to expand?!’ and ever since I’ve been planning out recipes to do live for you guys! I’m too, too excited.

We have a new home in old stomping grounds, Miami. It’s been about five years since we married and moved away for the military, but Brian and I are so happy to be back with our high school friends and family.

I know in my heart I’m yearning for a few acres of land, a bunch of kids, and a fall where I can take a drive to an orchard for apples, hop on a hayride in a pumpkin patch, have a roaring fireplace and wear comfy boots without sweating, but South Florida is a second home; and home for a good season, by the grace of God.

Not too excited about Hurricane Matthew. Haven’t had a hurricane in about eleven years and the month we move down…Category 4 comes. Not that I’m worried. I walked my dog during Floyd in 2004 and we were hit with the eye walls! South Florida is made for hurricanes; it’s rare that we even lost power! So I’m just praying that everything goes just as smoothly as it has before.

Brian has never been in a hurricane (I do not count being in D.C. during Sandy as a true hurricane experience, Brian. It barely skated by before hitting Jersey.) and he has no clue what goes down in Florida when a hurricane comes. I’m sure most of the country really has no idea, either.

First, it seems like no one really cares. The memes about not caring about the hurricane pop up, and everyone is laughing at the tourists and new residents who have never gone through a hurricane taking things too seriously.

Then you go to the grocery store. And if you get there late, there will be no -what people consider- ‘necessities’. Like hot dog bread and  And the price gouging will be serious. If you know there is a hurricane coming, get gas about 3 days beforehand and get a gas can or two full. Because the moment it’s official that the hurricane is making landfall (we only begin to care if it makes landfall here) the gas stations will price gouge the sweet Jesus out of you. They’ve shut down all the regular and plus nozzles so you have to buy premium. And water bottles are price gouged as well. You’ll be paying $20 for a case of generic bottled water.

Brian and I just bought food for the week and ran out of the store the other day. People were actually fighting in there! And a woman was walking around in an old negligee with no pants. All the bread was gone and basically every aisle looked like the apocalypse had passed through with people fighting over items.

Oh yeah, it gets crazy around here.

If it’s really bad, they shut the streets down and set a curfew. You can’t go anywhere. That’s only happened during Wilma, the last hurricane that passed through south Florida in 2005. Trees were knocked over, power lines flying everywhere, and no power for weeks.

People were going bananas;  thankfully my family and I were amidst a move at the time and simply left after the storm settled.

It’s finally fall. I mean, not that it really matters in Miami. It does get cold in the mornings in late December, January, and February, but right now it’s about a heat index of 96 degrees F on a daily. I’m compensating by decorating our condo and patio in full fall fashion and keeping Sweater Weather candles lit all day. And recipe testing fall dishes and drinks.

You aren’t ready for the Thanksgiving I’m about to bring you.




Greyson Ares turned three. Sweet baby Jesus, where has the time gone? Honestly, I still get phantom kicks! I remember him beginning to crawl as if it happened last month, having a pantry full of baby food, little sleep ‘n’ plays with submarines on the butt. Now he’s going to little gym classes and swim classes, playdates with toddlers and they actually talk to each other, and I just start tearing up. Where’s my fat little baby gone off to? Probably swim class.

Coming back to Sweet Tea & Thyme. I haven’t been in the kitchen for three months, due to moving and personal reasons. I’ve missed cooking so much, I have missed posting so much. I love blogging and I love your feedback, guys. I really, really missed this. After hurricane Matthew passes by, we can have our stuff shipped down from Georgia and I can really get back to doing what I love: Cooking from the heart.

Alright, that’s all I got for now. I gotta get off the porch and back to recipe testing.

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