These patty melts are a homemade take on a diner food favorite: a juicy beef patty topped with caramelized onions and melted cheese between hearty slices of bread and pressed. It’s a like a mix of a reuben, grilled cheese, and a burger, can’t get any better!

Patty Melts - Sweet Tea & Thyme

This lady who guest-starred on an episode of The Kitchen on the Food Network sold me on the patty melt as a comfort food: caramelized onions, thick slices of bread, many slices of gooey cheese, and a burger patty that is encased in it all.

Oh, and butter. Butter that’s spread from crust to crust on each slice of bread.

Crust to crust is, apparently, a must.

And I definitely agree: the butter helps the make the bread so crispy and delicious when you press it. You can cook these on a griddle or pan with a weight (like a cast iron skillet) on top; use a panini press; or use a George Foreman grill (we use a mini one, a gift from Mama Paula my mother-in-law).

Patty Melts - Sweet Tea & Thyme

Patty melts are good for a weekend lunch, like a Saturday before going to Little League, (Married to a Dominican man, where baseball is a wright of passage for the boys.) or when you want to make a quick sandwich that isn’t just a sandwich, you know?

These are so simple to make and taste absolutely delicious, they are a change from typical burgers but really satisfy that craving. Because who doesn’t have cravings for burgers, right? Right?
Because Lord, I was craving Five Guys.

…don’t judge me.Patty Melts - Sweet Tea & Thyme