Chicken Fricassee is classic French comfort food: chicken is braised in a flavorful base to an amazingly silky sauce supreme (a creamy french sauce) that is seasoned with fresh herbs. Sounds super fancy, looks super fancy, but it’s the easiest thing to make in just one pot!

Chicken Fricassee - Sweet Tea & Thyme

I learned how to cook chicken fricassee while I was in culinary school; it was one of the first recipes we were able to do hands on. I know that there are more versions of chicken fricassee than there are updates to your iPhone, but this has a smooth and silky sauce supreme that is thickened with a liason of cream and egg yolks and seasoned with herbs, onion, and garlic. I can’t even begin to tell you how good this sauce is!

At school, it is a twenty four portion feast that requires a lot of babysitting and time for such a massive amount. At home, it’s a well-requested dish that’s very easy, requires simple, basic ingredients that are probably in your kitchen right now, and is pretty impressive when you set it on the table!

That’s why I love it so much! It’s so impressive, sounds like it would be so difficult, and take all this time, but in fact it’s about ten minutes of sauteing, skimming, straining and forty five minutes of simmering. I serve this with a good green vegetable, broccoli is a family fave but roasted asparagus has gotten rave reviews, and rice or pasta.

If I’m feeling extra fancy and not caring about keeping a traditional blonde color, I add a bit of brandy and saute some cremini mushrooms to add in afterwards; it really takes it up a couple of notches.