White Cheddar Cheese Sauce - Sweet Tea & Thyme

Homemade White Cheddar Cheese Sauce

Creamy, silky smooth, and darn good with basically anything, cheese sauce is a big winner. This recipe doesn’t congeal and is made with sharp white cheddar, though your favorite cheese can be substituted.
Spinach Dip - Sweet Tea & Thyme

Awesome Spinach Dip

And I do mean awesome. In less than 30 minutes you have hot, cheesy spinach dip bubbling out of the oven with just three ingredients. Food Advertising by
Chimichurri Sauce Recipe - Sweet Tea & Thyme

Chimichurri Sauce

This chimichurri sauce recipe is the ultimate summer grilling accessory: pour over grilled steak, serve with bread to dip, eat with chicken or pork, coat your veggies all up in it! It’s versatile, vegan, paleo-friendly, gluten-free, whole30-friendly, and super flavorful. Food Advertising by
Salsa, Restaurant Style

Fresh Salsa, Restaurant Style

Homemade salsa has never been easier or more delicious! Toss all the ingredients in a blender to achieve restaurant quality salsa in less than five minutes. Food Advertising by