Easy, Crispy Popcorn Chicken

Crispy, crunchy little bites of juicy fried chicken will make your family forget about the fast food joints. Food Advertising by PIN this Popcorn Chicken recipe in your KID FRIENDLY, CHICKEN, GAME NIGHT, AND DEEP FRIED BOARDS on PINTEREST. And follow Sweet Tea & Thyme on Pinterest for more tips, hacks, and tasty recipes! There is […]

The BEST Roast Chicken

  Food Advertising by Juicy down to the white meat, completely flavorful AND easy and simple to make? This is the roast chicken recipe that will NEVER disappoint, especially with my secret trick to a succulent, juicy bird every time!   When I was a teen, I hated cooking a whole chicken. Simply because I’ve […]

General Tso Chicken

General Tso Chicken is easy and delicious with an incredibly flavorful sauce glazed over crispy chicken thighs. Throw out the takeout menu, you won’t need it for dinner tonight!

Chicken & Herbed Dumplings

Fluffy dumplings make this chicken soup turn into a rich and decadent chicken and dumplings stew that will knock out any cold and warm even the coldest soul. In my heart, no dish is more comforting than chicken n dumplin’s. Food Advertising by Yes, dumplin’s.

Lemon Chicken, revamped

This is the first recipe I ever really made. I’m so proud of it. Food Advertising by I was only allowed to cook chicken at my parents’ house (my mom didn’t want me wasting the good meats, haha) so I had to be pretty creative in making chicken interesting, especially since I was basically cooking […]

Chicken Pot Pie, Deconstructed

Who can resist creamy, savory, comforting chicken pot pie with tender chicken and a crisp, buttery crust? Especially one that takes less than an hour to make and has individualized crusts?! Food Advertising by There is something so comforting about chicken pot pie. I don’t know what it is, maybe the flaky golden crust, the creamy gravy […]

Chicken Fricassee

Chicken Fricassee is classic French comfort food: chicken is braised in a flavorful base to an amazingly silky sauce supreme (a creamy french sauce) that is seasoned with fresh herbs. Sounds super fancy, looks super fancy, but it’s the easiest thing to make in just one pot! Food Advertising by I learned how to cook […]