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I’m Brittany Annette, but everyone calls me Britt.

I’d like to think my love of cooking comes from the same place a really good laugh comes from: a deep, healthy place.

Welcome to Sweet Tea & Thyme, my brand and blog, where I share good home cooking from the heart inspired by a swing on the front porch, the sweet tea in my fridge, and my excessive use of thyme as a teenager. I write, test, cook, and photograph every thing on here with my family and friends supporting me along the way.

Rich, buttery crescent rolls are super easy, and don't require any elbow grease or a stand mixer to knead! An easy and simple bread recipe that is the perfect dinner roll any day.I’ve always lived in the South, at least, I’ve always lived under the Mason-Dixon line. That’s the line that separates the North and the South here in the United States.

I’m a Navy Brat who joined the military at eighteen and married my high school sweetheart who followed me into the Navy. I became a stay at home mom and traveled from the Southwest to the ‘Northeast’ (the D.C. Maryland and Virginia area), to the Deep South to South Florida, where I lived during my teenage years.

We have now come back to South Florida, and my band of taste testers has expanded from just my husband, Brian, and our son, Greyson, to our high school friends, church family, and family members who live here. My favorite thing in the world is to bring people together with good friends and great food.


ASouthern Banana Pudding - Sweet Tea & Thymebout me personally?

My favorite dessert is banana pudding, I love chai lattes, my favorite place to relax is in a Wegman’s grocery store, and I read cookbooks like I read Harry Potter novels.

I enjoy entertaining at home and love organization and order; my husband thinks my household binder, budgeting system, and meal planning are over the top. I say they keep me (and our home) sane, haha.

You’ll find out more about me from my talks On The Porch, where I share about life as an old-fashioned millennial trying to make it in this big blogging world outside of the 9-5 Matrix…or my ramblings on recipes that hold special places in my heart.

I’m basically an open book.

In the South, the saying is true: the kitchen is the heart of a home. Food is the heart of every tradition, every event, every holiday here. But not just the food, but the cooking involved to make it. The traditions of the recipes passed down, the kids getting involved, and the memories of those events coming back every time that recipe is made.

IMG_3726 (2)

Sweet Tea & Thyme is dedicated to those memories and to my husband and son, Brian and Greyson, who I hope to create more traditions (and more food) with. It’s why I started Sweet Tea & Thyme back in 2015, to collect my favorite recipes in a place that I can share them with the world. Along with the fact that I have too many friends who can’t cook. Like, way too many.

Here you’ll find a melting pot of easy, fresh, delicious and homemade recipe that range from weeknight-friendly to date night ready.You will also find a good cookie, cake and pie and learn that we never skimp on the toppings and love to sauce things up. My recipes are inspired by traditional and classic dishes and seasonal flavors, often with my own twists and spins.

And also…that I. love. bread. Just like Oprah.


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